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Are You Thinking About SEO For Your Local Business? You should be.

If you have a business that you would like to see perform at its best, it’s no secret that the right approach to SEO is a must. Brampton is no exception, especially if you want more LOCAL customers. When you contact an SEO company in Brampton, you will realize that many of them are stuck in the past. We are proud to stay on the cutting edge of what’s new and what works.

With this approach to search engine optimization in place, don’t be surprised if you see your business grow, fast. It’s often the ingredient that a business is missing that can make a very big difference. Read on and we’ll do our best to break down for you why you need SEO. What kind of SEO services we recommend and offer? Things to consider before you pick an SEO company here. And a deep diving Frequently Asked local SEO Questions. Informed decisions are the best decisions!

Why Do You Need SEO Services In Brampton ?

Easy answer. Brampton is growing and nearly every market is getting more crowded and competitive. Even if yours hasn’t yet, it will. So that means if you want to continue to draw in new local customers, optimizing your website and online presence with our smart SEO is a very wise decision. Local SEO optimization techniques that worked five years ago, probably isn’t going to work now. And if you are at the head of the pack or we get you there, don’t make the mistake of neglecting SEO and letting someone hungry for success steal your spot.

Generating leads is a constant in businesses that blow away expectations. We know what it takes to make that happen, from keywords to target, to content creation that Google appreciates. There’s different strategies behind all of this and they change often. Our team keeps its fingers on the SEO pulse.

As your business ranks better on the search engines expect to see dramatic changes. All in a safe and secure way. We know the SEO rules and what to avoid to stay out of trouble. This can be very important. You need to be high on the first page of Google to get the best and highest number of leads and our SEO Service is a proven method to achieve that goal. It’s what we do best and we are absolutely passionate about it.

SEO Brampton To Gain More Exposure

SEO Company Brampton – Why Pick Marketing Blitz for Your Website Optimization?

Website Search Engine Optimzation

Some businesses think they can save some cash by bringing onboard a an Seo company that isn’t familiar with the local GTA area and Canadian buying behaviour. Bad move. Here at Marketing Blitz our team understands what it takes to perform optimally here. We also know some of the pitfalls that will likely surprise a firm from China or India who offer local SEO services from far, far away from Canada. This local knowledge is gold when it comes to picking keywords to target and is a vital part of creating valuable content that converts local customers. We have the experience and put in the time to research your local audience, any special requirements to consider, business demographics, the state of local competition and much more. Our prices are competitive and the ROI makes nearly all of our clients smile. So don’t cut corners in this important part of your business’s strategy. A local SEO agency is an edge that you deserve and we are happy to provide it. Save time, energy, and avoid disappointment, Marketing Blitz is here to do the heavy lifting.

What Kind of SEO Brampton Services Do We Offer?

Our team employs, literally, hundreds of strategies.
New ones are often brought onboard to maximize results. But here’s some top SEO services that are high up on our list:


Making sure content, images and videos are enhance for local customer searches on Google


An important SEO tool to see how well your website is performing and if there’s any problems we need to fix right away.


Google and Bing’s demand for quality content rises all of the time. The days are gone where poorly written or copied material would work. We know what the SEO Content Marketing needs are and our team are experts at creating it.


Clearing up metadata issues, broken links, and much more, can bring big SEO benefits.


We ask and get answers for all of the important questions related to building your brand’s positive reputation and authority in your niche. We learn who your ideal customers are and how to best help your brand appeal to them


From your Google business listing, top local business directories to keeping an eye on your local reviews, and much more, we do what it takes to see your perform locally like a powerhouse.


More people are searching for services on mobile devices than ever. This is vital for your business’s best SEO performance.


We study your competitions local SEO keyword choices, where they are ranking on Google and Bing, plus track their new content and links.


Tracking your business’s keyword performance, finding new keywords when appropriate, and then amplifying it all for remarkable results.

Seo Brampton Packages And Pricing

    • Number of Keywords 10
    • Over $500 worth of deliverables – content + link building
    • Advanced SEO Strategy
    • Customized Strategy For Your Website
    • Business Keyword Research
    • Competitive Gap Analysis
    • Website Analysis And Optimization
    • High Quality And Diverse Link Building
    • High-Quality Blog Content Writing And Syndication
    • Google Map And Local SEO Optimization
    • High Authority Business Directory Submission
    • Monthly Ranking Report

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    • Number of Keywords 50
    • Over $1500 worth of deliverables – content + link building
    • Advanced SEO Strategy
    • Customized Strategy For Your Website
    • Business Keyword Research
    • Competitive Gap Analysis
    • Website Analysis And Optimization
    • High Quality And Diverse Link Building
    • High-Quality Blog Content Writing And Syndication
    • Google Map And Local SEO Optimization
    • High Authority Business Directory Submission
    • Monthly Ranking Report

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SEO Services Brampton Frequently Asked Questions

Is a SEO set up fee charged?

Typically, yes. Getting things started takes a bit more work so that’s reflected in the initial set up fee. To get everything in place needed so that we have a strong foundation to build off of usually takes one week.

How Long a Contract is Required?

We suggest you go with a minimum of six months. This way you can see solid returns on your investment. Many aspects of SEO can’t be rushed. And most of our clients stay with us for years, so we are confident once you see our work we will likely be teaming up for some time to come.

How long is the contract?

We recommend signing up for at least a 6-month long contract  — that gives us enough time to set up your business website for long-term SEO success. Besides, around the 3rd-month mark, even you’ll start seeing results. That said, most of our SEO clients continue to stay with us even after years.

How Can I Gauge Results?

We send monthly reports so you can see how your business is performing on the search engines. You should also see the number of inquiries you are receiving rise.

Are Rankings Guaranteed?

No they aren’t. No SEO company is able to honestly offer that kind of guarantee. Algorithms change often, as well as having competition who also could improve their approach. We stay on top of all of these things and more but they can sometimes cause a pause or even drop in ranking. It’s how SEO works and why you need a professional team like ours watching your back.

SEO Services Brampton Vs Pay Per Click Advertising

High Closing Rate

SEO leads have a closing rate of 14.6%. Which means 14 of the 100 people to contact you will engage your services. n contrast, outbound marketing strategies like cold calls and advertisements get a measly 1.7% lead conversion rate.

SEO Leads Cost Less

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) leads cost a whopping 61% less than the leads generated by outbound marketing strategies like cold calling, Pay Per Click Advertising etc.

Make More Sales

 50% of the people who search for a local business or service on their mobile visit the business within one day. And 34% of the people who use the desktop or laptop for their local searches do the same.

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Brampton SEO Services To Drive More Sales




Brampton SEO Services. Drive More Traffic To Your Business To Generate Leads, Phone Calls And Make More Sales! Contact us now 905.216.7571
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